Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Idea for Codesprint/Barcamp Cork - Meeting Carbon Count

This mashup would offer the following functionality:
- calculate carbon emissions for each person attending a meeting (travel) plus overheads (heating, lighting etc).
- offer option to offset some or all of the carbon
- offer car pooling by collecting peoples travel plans ahead of time

Using this system would have the added benefit of finding out who intends coming to the meeting - this idea came up at a poorly attended meeting where the room had been booked for larger numbers.

Functionality and Potential sources:
- carbon calculator api -
- meeting organisation - upcoming
- calendars - google
- car pooling - drijo

Potential Market
- NGOs
- Any group holding meetings that include travel and want to reduce their carbon footprint


Anonymous said...

Well that's BarCamp Cork II, Stream I sorted then :-)

I've Dugg and Stumbled this. Will be interested to see which (if either) sends readers your way. Do you have Goog Analytics on this blog?

Phoebe Bright said...

No obvious jump - no pressing any buttons then!