Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Future of Television?

Some years ago I wrote about how the last thing I wanted from a future TV was the ability to watch anything I wanted any time. Way, way to much choice! I love my TiVo because it gives me a choice of when I watch but from a limited choice of programs I have already recorded or ones the TiVo thought I might like. But it doesn't solve the choice problem that is approaching, when TV switches to the internet and we have choice from all over the world and a mix of professional and amateur channels.

Here is an idea. Maybe I am in a minority, but I like the trailers before the film. If there were programs recommending what to view where I had the opportunity to press a button and say 'record that one', I'd enjoy that. The Top Gear team could preview the upcoming motoring films, documentaries and youTubes. Daniel Craig could do My favorite films for a first date, Greenmonk can give us the lowdown on video podcasts and documentaries on all things green, I can share with the world what I enjoyed even.  The most popular preview programs will be those that are entertaining in their own right and we will learn which presenters have similar tastes to our own.

Key to success would be getting the decision level right. Don't ask me to make decisions too often and don't give me too big a choice.

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