Friday, April 15, 2011

Green shoots and old scaffolding boards

Long, long ago I was a great fan of Geoff Hamilton's Gardener's World on the BBC. Geoff was a great man for showing us how to knock up useful garden items from a few old boards and some nails. With the untimely loss of Geoff we moved on to a new generation of presenters who reviewed the range of products we could purchase from our local garden centre and I rather lost interest in the program. Two bits of great news. Monty Don is back presenting Gardener's World, a real gardener and not a bit of garden centre tat in sight. Then, fired with a renewed enthusiasm for gardening programs, I tried RTE's How to Create a Garden and there were the good old scaffolding boards and how to make your own cold frame. Isn't it great to seem some attention given to build your own instead of buy your own!