Monday, June 23, 2008

We've got to fight dangerous climate change - Not

"We've got to fight dangerous climate change". A little sound bite from Hilary Benn, Secretary of Status in the UK on the TV programme Dispatches tonight when asked whether incentives for biofuel production was a good idea given rising food prices. Who are we fighting exactly? It takes two to start a war and I don't think the climate gives a toss about us. But clearly climate is 'dangerous' and what we do when things are dangerous? We fight!! This piece of misdirection avoids laying any blame and implies there is an enemy somewhere to be afraid of but this government is on our side and we are going to fight together. Hurrah!

I see no reason to use such emotive language. Climate change is a massive problem that requires us all to engage and find out how it affects each of us. What does it mean for me and my family? What can I do, individually and collectively? The qualities that will see us through this are ingenuity, leadership, creativity and collaboration. Qualities not inspired by fearful citizens ready to fight off the invaders, which is the image that comes to my mind by this sound bite.

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