Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Report to help businesses develop carbon netural strategy

A report from Forum for the Future in the UK as produced a helpful guide to companies wishing to jump on the climate change bandwagon.

Their 8 recommendations are:
  • Embrace a stretching boundary in terms of the emissions included (direct, indirect etc)
  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of your entire carbon footprint prior to making any claim of neutrality.
  • Exhibit caution in making blanket corporate-wide claims of neutrality
  • Consider whether a claim of neutrality will resonate with your stakeholders - it's hard to stand over the idea of shipping bottled water worldwide, however you do it.
  • Use the carbon management hierarchy of Avoid - Reduce - Replace - Offset, simply using offsetting without an ongoing reduction in base line emissions is not credible.
  • Be completely transparent
  • Exhibit and sustain broad leadership on climate change
  • and most importantly, Tread neutrality as a long-term commitment and an on-going dynamic challenge.

Also lists some companies they feel are doing it right and some who may be following the letter but not the spirit going carbon neutral.

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