Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cork Environmental Forum Plenary on Sustainable Economics

Last night, June 3rd 2008, CEF had a couple of great talks from David Korowicz and Emer O'Siochru on why our current economic model is unsustainable and what might replace it. In particular how we might manage that transition given increasing energy prices and the challenge of climate change.

Cap and Share is a method for equably sharing out the common right to emit carbon. Basically permits are issued to everyone equally and we then sell them, via a bank or post office, to the companies that import fossil fuels. Ireland is currently giving serious consideration to trialling Cap and Share for transport (Ireland has the highest km/capita of anywhere in Europe and is higher than the US!) and the rest of the world is looking on with interest. So much for "what can I do, I'm just one person" or in this case "what we we do, we're just a small country?". After the plastic bag tax and the smoking ban, is this another chance for us to lead?

You can watch the recording of the streaming feed here:

A professional video version (including the first few minutes!) will be available later plus the slides from the presentations - keep an eye here http://www.cef.ieor add yourself to the mailing list on the home page.

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