Thursday, June 26, 2008

Most Intelligent thing I heard this week

Most Intelligent thing I heard this week came from Jeremy Clarkson, yes that one!  In a week short on good advice - see economist posting, a new series of Top Gear aired, (will now be the highlight of my week for pure fun escapism) and they talked about fuel economy.  So which supercar do you think died first in their race to see which car would go the furthest on a gallon of petrol.  Well the Ferrari died after 1.7 miles....  Anyway, next up was the Prius and I thought here we go, he's going to rubbish the Prius, I know it's fuel economy is not startling, it costs a lot to build etc., but you've got to start somewhere Jeremy.   So they decide to have the Prius do 10 laps of their track followed by a BMW M3.  Result? The BMW did 19mpg, the Prius 17mpg and Jeremy's comment?  
It's not the car you drive it's the way you drive it - so don't sell you big car, you'll only get peanuts for it, just drive it better.
(or words to that effect).  Nice one Jeremy!

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