Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tired and Emotional - President Obama

Stayed up and watched the whole election count - didn't go to bed until McCain and Obama had both made inspiring and generous speeches. I had never seen this John McCain, where was he during the elections?

Obama has inspired loyalty and faith in me. Somthing no politician has ever come close to. Whatever happens, he has shown a jaded generation or three that politics can be about more than saying what we want to hear and slagging off the opposition. It can be about bringing us together, all of us, to create something more than we ever could apart.

Congratuations America.


kio said...

Nice to meet you.
I hope you'll have a nice holiday.

Anonymous said...

This came from friend Diane, who lives in Washington - thought you'd be interested. love mum

Absolute, delerious joy over here. Was at an election party with good friends in Virginia and we all have sore throats from screaming--we were like teenagers. After I left (about 1 :00 am) I was driving home and heard on the radio that people were spontaneously gathering in front of the White House to dance and celebrate. I couldn't resist that, so I drove over and there was a joyous madhouse in the streets, Thousands of young people (and some oldies like me) streaming from all directions, shouting with happiness, horns blaring, making a very loud symphony all over the place. Everytime I leaned on my horn crowds of kids would stream to my car, reach their hand in to high five me, grinning and shouting "We did It!" "Yes we can!" Obama!." I finally parked, walked over to the White House where thousands were filling Lafeyette Park and pressing against the fences right in from of the WH, chanting "O-Ba-ma, O-ba-ma!" Yes we can! YES WE DID!" and "Pack your shit"! Pack your shit!" "Goodbye! Goodbye!" and singing and drumming on pots and pans and all babbling joyfullly to each other and grinning from ear to ear. I found a space right in front and everyone just stood there cheering and chanting and singing for over an hour. (I'm sure much longer--that is just when I left and the whole crowd was still there.) Everyone was just content to just stand there and just BE there. It felt so right, as if the White House was really ours again. Talk about being in the moment! Talk about symbolism! I never experienced anything like the mass oneness and such profound and spontaneous happiness. It was evident that the young people felt this country was finally theirs and all they had done had made a huge difference. Everyone is filled with such HOPE. It was an extraordinary experience that I will never forget. We learned this morning that George W. was in the White House hearing it all, so felt doublely good this morning! President-elect Barak Obama....what a wonderful thing to be able to write. A turning point in American history and perhaps world history, and we were here to help make it happen and to take a small part in it. It feels very good to be alive today!

Love to you all, with hope and happiness in my heart,