Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mashup idea - I'll read it later

This probably exists already and could be done with bookmarks - but I want something easier.

Here is what I want:

I'm busy doing important stuff online and am side tracked by a page that looks interesting, but I don't have time to read it now. I want to click a button on the browser and be asked for keywords and an optional description and a priority.

When I have that spare moment, I can browse my list of things to read later by keyword or priority and click the link to read it.

Clicking another button allows me to blog on it, stumble etc. and takes it off my read later list.

Anyone else want this?


James Corbett said...

I use the Delicious bookmarking plug-in for Firefox for the same thing. As well as adding tags relevant to the article I often add the tag 'toread'. When I have time I can then either visit the page for my 'toread' tag or subscribe to that tag in my RSS reader.

Phoebe Bright said...

That's been my approach too, just wanted to automate it a bit more, especially the bit that would remove the toread tag after I read it and make it easier to digg, stuble etc. Maybe this would be good for Flock browser?

Phoebe Bright said...

Knew this would not be an original idea!

Am giving it a try.