Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Energy Scenarios Ireland 2.0

A few years ago, a team from Feasta, including myself, worked on a project for the EPA looking at the impact on Ireland of changing energy prices. We did this in the form of scenario planning and the original website is still here.

But the time has come to review them and reflect the rapid changes of the last years. We will be doing this review in the form of a blog and them publishing the full report at the end of the year. We have kicked of the process at and look forward to being challenged and corrected in our assumptions!

Finally bringing together my sporting interests and business interests, I have posted on what I think the main risks and opportunities are for horse sports in Ireland in an favourable scenario.

(Hmm, need a logo for Energy Scenarios Ireland, fork in the road? clock? ....... Nothing comes to mind, but love this image from Global Business Network as an example of Scenario Planning concept).

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