Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Review of Personal Brain

I rarely get excieted by a new piece of software, but am completely bowled over by Personal Brain to the extent that I will be paying the $250 fee when the trial expires. While I don't plan to put my whole life here, for the brain storming/research phase of an idea it is perfect. I brainstorm the basic map, then go through writing notes and links to online stuff that might be useful, then I can sit down and write in one go.

It's one of those bits of software that is not really so different from much that has gone before, but by making it that bit easier to use and flexible it can change the way you work. Like my beloved TiVo, not so different from a video recorder but different enough to change the whole way I watch TV.

Here is a part of my Personal Brain for the next blog entry:

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Angela said...

I completely agree; I've just started using Personal Brain, and I love it, there's just nothing else to compare it with.

I tried it a few years ago, but couldn't fit it into my workflow. This time, in V5, it's got everything I need, and then some. It's amazing -- a whole new way of looking at my "stuff" and being creative.