Thursday, July 10, 2008

More on the Electric Vehicle Theme

Two items today on this theme:

A great article at this new blog Next Generation of Energy Ideas on electric cars and how the future is going to be hybrid electric plugins and the commenters make some good points, including the idea of utility companies owning the batteries and leasing them to car owners, and the idea of standardising on batteries to we can hot swap them.

An taking the opposite view, Boone Pickens youtube video on how the US can replace the power stations that are using imported natural gas with windmills and use the natural gas in cars instead (because cars must run on liquid fuels).  I think he needs to consider the big picture of electricity supply and the need to balance wind with quick start (gas) fueled power stations and also the electric car concept.  But nevertheless, great to see a businessman with a vision and sharing it with us. 

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