Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GoDaddy Support Poor - Moving to

Am finding the support provided by Godaddy, both their online information and the people providing email support frustratingly inadequate. For example, I want to use the FTP backup facility provided. Nowhere does it tell me how to set it up so I sent in an email support request. Correspondance went like this:


I have spent the last hour searching for how to setup the FTP backup on my server so that I can use backup. After scouring your help, help on plesk, googled etc. I still can't see how to setup the IP address that seems to be required here. I'm sure this information is available somewhere but I have to admit defeat in trying to find it.

FTP Backup Info:
User Name: pbright
IP Address: Pending Setup
Disk Quota: 10 GB
Quota Used: 0.000 GB


To access your FTP Backup information and/or reset the password:

First, log into your customer account:

• Go to the Go Daddy Account Login Page
• Log in using your account username (which may be the same as your customer number) and password

If you have trouble logging in, our password reset form may help you. You can find this form through the following link:

Account Retrieval Page

• Click ‘Dedicated & Virtual Dedicated Servers’ under the ‘Hosting & Email’ menu at the top
• Click ‘Launch Manager’ for the server you wish to manage
• Click the 'FTP Backup' option
• Your backup server IP address, username and password reset option will be presented.


Yes you idiot, I sent you the text from that page and as you can see, if you could only read, there is no IP address, it says Pending Setup, that is why I contacted you.

This has now been forwarded to Advanced Technical Support.

Much more seriously, I suddenly cannot ssh or ftp to the server, although everything appears to work fine,

I sent them an email saying I cannot ssh

About 10 hours ago I was able to ssh onto my server fine. Went to bed and now trying to start work and I get permission denied when trying to access server via ssh.

eg The-Main-Man:~ phoebebr$ ssh pbright@
pbright@'s password:
Permission denied, please try again.
pbright@'s password:

Same with editor and database package.
Can access Plesk control panel
Websites are running fine
Have restarted server

I have not changed anything since last night, so why can't I ssh suddenly????


We do not modify your password and using the credentials on file we are not able to access your server. We suggest resetting your root SSH password from within your server account manager. This will not change your Plesk password. You may want to review your server logs for any additional information.


I didn't work, so I reponded

Reset password as suggested. Still not letting me in. Tried ssh as
both admin and root with the new password and neither works.

The-Main-Man:~ phoebebr$ ssh admin@
admin@'s password:
Permission denied, please try again.
admin@'s password:
Permission denied, please try again.
admin@'s password:
Permission denied (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive).
The-Main-Man:~ phoebebr$ ssh root@
root@'s password:
Permission denied, please try again.
root@'s password:
Permission denied, please try again.
root@'s password:

The Plesk password remains unchanged. I suspect this is not a
password issue but have not idea where to look. Nobody else has
access to this server so nothing that I have control over could have
been changed to make it suddenly stop allowing me permission. Any
other ideas?

Thank you for contacting Server Support.

When logging into SSH you will need to use your server user name and then switch to the root user. So accessing SSH from the terminal will look like this :

ssh pbright@

You will need to switch to the root account by running the following command once you are logged into SSH with your normal user :

su -

It will then prompt you for your password which is the same password as the one you used to login to SSH.


But I continue to be polite:

But I can't login to SSH, that is my problem.

I awaite their response with interest, but in the meantime and switching to Here is their response to my question about who does their support:

What kind of support do you provide and is it your own staff or outsourced?

We use a combination. Our immediate staff is Irish based but we use the expertise of a UK company for a lot of our PLESK support.

We have been partered with them for over 5 years now and have a good relationship built, we also have our foot in the door with the SW SOFT developers (the guys who developed PLESK and Virtuozzo) so we have a good peg above a lot of PLESK providors in that respect.

We also have techs working 24x7 so urgent matters can be handled.

In saying that , our VPS ranges come unmanaged as well as managed so depending on what option you go for determines what level of support is delivered.

Will report on how I get on....


Atom said...

thank you for knowledge,

Phoebe Bright said...

Have been with since this post and have been very pleased with their support, what a joy to speak to a real person. I would recommend them without hesitation.