Sunday, December 30, 2007

Facebook missing a huge opportunity

The BBC Money program recently aired an episode about Facebook.

Users of Facebook like sharing with their friends and the lack of advertising. The company makes it's money from advertising and is somewhat bewildered that it's users don't understand that. Facebook have been looking for a way of leveraging the huge amount of personal information it holds and, in my view, have taken the incredibly stupid step of pestering people with targeted marketing messages. This is such an old fashioned way of trying to sell things to people and nobody wants to be marketed at. I would have expected a innovative company to come up with an innovative approach.

What they could have done is use all that personal information to create something that even I would use. A personal shop, full of all my favorite things: favorite books, music, horse gear, at this time of year, bulbs. It might even pick up that I am looking to buy a bread machine and magically a bread machine shelf appears in my shop.

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