Monday, November 5, 2007

Review of Sean the Sheep

Sean the Sheep

Favorite TV programs of the week at the moment, Sean the Sheep and Top Gear. Not sure what this says about my unsophisticated taste in TV!

Visitors to the house are all won over by Sean including wwoofers from US and spain.  But beware, the intro can start playing in your head all day, "It's Sean the sheep, it's Sean the sheep......".

See bootleg copy here

Also recommend the dvd as a gift (,5,,1,1195,shaunthesheep&ivtype=dvd:video&htxt=IG1VeLV49uxkcoqRxeOP2gAcoxOjQqmDtqGPRdvtNqo2yvXYKSUnj8UQ3BpcwNnjlmvn91qG2wUZ%0AJVx3A9NxTQ%3D%3D) already a success with my grandfather and plan to distribute far and wide this coming christmas.

Rated 5/5 on Nov 05 2007 by Phoebe

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